The skin on your upper arm over time tends to relax, which is especially emphasized during the aging process, after sudden weight loss, or after liposuction. By the upper arm lift /Brachioplasty/ the excess of the skin is removed and thus a youthful appearance of your upper arm is restored.

Surgical tehnicque: There is a variety of techniques for solving the problem of excess upper arm skin. Classically excess skin is removed along the back-internal aspect of the upper arm. In certain cases where the minimal excess skin exists, tightening can be achieved with a small transverse incision in the armpits area. This type of cases are rare, and the technique is less effective. Limited liposuction may be an integral part of the upper arm tightening. During office appointment the decision will be made, what is the intervention, which is going to give You the best results. Typically, the scar will be positioned from the elbow to the armpit on the border of Your back and medial part of the upper arm. This guarantees minimal visibility. The effect is visible immediately after the removal of excess sagging skin, but for the final result You should wait three months. Scars are permanent but they fade in period of one year at least.

Duration and anesthesia: Brachioplasty can last from 1 to 3 hours. The procedure can be performed in local anesthesia, IV analgosedation or general anaesthesia. Advice: smoking cessation should be done a month before intervention and discontinuation of aspirin consuming minimum ten days is advised.

Recovery: It is necessary to stay over night in the hospital. The drainage / if present / should be removed on the first postoperative day and the dressing on the eighth day. The sutures should be removed after two weeks. The return to normal daily activities is allowed after two weeks. The strenuous sport activities are allowed after two months. The direct sun exposition is not recommended within a few months.

Rare Complications: Possible rare complications include infections and bleeding.

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