Sclerotherapy (veinsand capillaries)

This procedure has been done since 1920’s in order to treat spider nevus (teleangiectasiae), red and purple vein clusters on the skin. Spider veins are hereditary and commonly appear on legs, especially calves, and on the face, too. Sclerotherapy has proved to be very popular non-surgical procedure.

Procedure: Vein clusters are marked in up-right position. Larger clusters are firs treated. Sclerosing solution is injected with micro-needle. Injected solution causes veins to collapse and fade from view.

The treatment is one hour long. Sclerotherapy is excellent alternative to surgery, enabling vein-system to be untouched.

Advantages: Activities resume right after sclerosing or the latest after 24 hours.

Complete correction shouldn’t be expected after one treatment. 50-70% of treated veins disappear at first, so 3-4 sessions are usually required to achieve optimal results.

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