Body Lipostructure
(Liposuction, lipoaspiration, lipofilling, liposhifting)

Goal: Reshaping of body with elimination of fatty deposits from different body parts, such as hips, thighs,back,upper and lower abdomen, inner-thighs and knees, calves, ankles and arms. Extracted fat can be infiltrated and put in parts of the body where needed (natural creases, recesses, lips, cheeks, buttocks, etc.).

Surgical Procedure: Through special instruments - cannulas placed through tiny incisions in the skin, aspiration of fat is done. Cannulas must be different in size and shape in order to perform even suction of all fat layers. Injection of saline solution and adrenaline helps the fat to be removed. Sometimes liposuction is facilitated with ultrasound assistance.

Duration and Anesthesia: Depending on area, liposuction may last from one to five hours and is usually performed in peridural anesthesia with sed.

Post Surgical Recovery: Resuming of every day activities in 5-7 days. Right after the procedure patient has to wear compression garment for at least two to three weeks or until swelling and hematomas subside.

Rare Complications: Temporary bruises, hematomas and swelling gradually subside in two weeks. Temporary numbness of skin is possible, also, unevenness of skin surface, so massage and lymph drainage is recommended.

If the skin has lost its elasticity, skin reduction is needed to be performed (lifting of tighs, hips and arms).

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