Breast Augmentation

Personal desire of a patient for breast augmentation has to be approved by a specialist, plastic surgeon. The perception of ourselves determines who we are and how we present ourselves to other people. A lot of women don’t have a desire for breast augmentation, but it has given to many of them feeling of self-confidence, a more beautiful and sensual look. Currently, there are many surgical options for breast augmentation that should be considered before making a final decision.

Various shapes and sizes of implants of different producers are used, but only particular type is adequate for each patient, so you need to have that in mind. In that way you will exclude market manipulation from your final decision. In our clinic are mostly used contemporary round, as well as biodimensional implants of the two best producers in the world (Mc Ghan and Mentor).

The decision of every woman is personal and has to be made according to her desire, needs and expectations. Breast augmentation is usually done on small or reduced breasts after pregnancy.

Ultrasound and mammography should be done before the surgery depending on the age and family history of the patient.

Goal: Augmentation and enhancement of breast size and shape by silicone gel implants in front /subglandular-rarely/, under muscle fascia/subfascial/ or under the muscle/ dual plane, subpectoral/.

Surgery Procedure: Most commonly procedure is inframammary, in the fold under the breast with the incision 4 cm. long or around the nipple or under the armpit. Depending on implant, the space is formed in front or underneath the muscle where it will be placed, leaving mammary gland untouched.

Duration and Anesthesia: Procedure of one to one and a half hour is done in local anesthesia, iv analgosedation or general anesthesia.

Post Surgical Recovery: Resuming everyday activities after several days. The special bra is recommended after the surgery. Hematomas and edemas disappear after approximately ten days. Sports and strenuous activities are not recommended for a month.

Rare Complications: Temporary oversensitivity of nipples, light swelling and feeling of tightness will disappear in 1-2 weeks. The most known risks with mammary prosthesis are capsular contracture/cicatriel tissue retraction around the implant which could be in certain cases painful or could deform apparence of the breasts.Other risks include implant rupture. Your surgeon should discuss with you all advantage and posiblle problems along the operation.

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