Breast Reduction

Goal: Breast reduction is designed for women who suffer from large and excessive weight breasts. Bra straps may leave indentations in their shoulders, problems of neck cause permanent deformities, therefore the procedure is recommended for medical reasons as a prevention of permanent disability due to deformed static of the spine.

Surgical Procedure: The same techniques for breast lift are applied in reduction of them. In some cases liposuction is done as initial procedure.

Duration and Anesthesia: Procedure is done in general anesthesia and lasts for 2- 3.5 hours.

Post Surgical Recovery: Resuming of usual activities after 5-7 days. Sutures are removed in two weeks. Bra is mandatory in the first period after surgery.

Rare Complications: Temporary over-sensibility of nipples, cyst may occur in gland. There is no guarantee that breast feeding won’t be interfered.

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