Tummy Tuck

After multiple pregnancy or significant weight loss, abdominal muscles weaken and skin is loose. There is, also a possibility of separation of abdominal muscles so deformities of muscular layers enable forming of hernia or obesity.

Goal: Tightening and reshaping of muscular layer, removing excessive skin and fat deposits from abdomen. Stretch marks can be also removed from the lower layers of the skin. Abdomen is tighter, flat and waist thinner.

Surgical Procedure: So called “bikini” incision stretches horizontally right above pubic area down to the first muscles. Excessive skin and fat tissue is removed, and navel is repositioned if necessary. At the same time liposuction of hips and thighs can be done and also tightening of front wall muscles.. Application of drain is usually necessary.

Some partial techniques are possible with smaller scars and without navel repositioning. This procedure can be performed for lifting of the loose skin of the sides of abdomen and fatty deposits of thighs so the whole figure gets a younger look.

Duration and Anesthesia: Operation is done in general anesthesia and lasts from 2-4 hours depending on its scope. Much easier procedure is only tightening the loose lower stomack. Hospitalization time is 24 hours long.

Post Surgical Recovery: Drains are removed in 2-3 days, sutures are gradually removed in the period of 10-14 days. Elastic pressure garment has to be worm, and vigorous exercise has to be avoided. Scars are permanent, but they fade in time and become less visible.

Rare Complications: Swelling of abdominal wall and prolonged creating of clear serous liquid.

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