Dermabrasion is a controlled abrasive technique of smoothing the surface of the skin. Dermabrasion stimulates surface skin inflamation (therefore indicates greater synthesis of collagen) but not more than chemical peel so the healing is faster, lower intensity redness and less possibility of hyperpigmentation.

Goal: Smoothing the surface irregularities and wrinkles of face and body caused involuntarily or pathologically (acne, scars pigmentation, atrophic grafts…).

Surgical Procedure: Procedure is done by dermabrother with fine granulation to scrape away the outmost layer of skin in local topical, filtrative anesthesia or sedation.

Duration: Depending on area and part of the body procedure can last 20-120 minutes.

Rare Complications: Prolonged itching, hyperpigmentation and rarely hypopigmentation.

Contraindications: Very greasy skin, burn scars, patients under estrogen therapy.

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