Breast Reconstruction

Goal: Reconstruction of the non-existing breast tissue after mastectomy or due to congenital under-development.

Surgery Procedure: Breast can be reconstructed in two techniques, with silicone implant or patients own tissue. Use of implant is simpler and easier procedure. But there is always skin missing, so fist skin expansion needs to be done by applying tissue expander, or Becker prosthesis- expander is permanently placed The prosthesis is gradually inflated with saline solution through special place on the body, over several weeks. Using of own tissue from the back and abdomen is common in breast reconstruction. Contemporary treating of malign diseases of breasts considers primary reconstruction at the same time with mastectomy.

Several months after the procedure, the nipple and areola can be reconstructed using skin from distant inconspicuous site or of the healthy areola and tattooing of the skin may be performed to darken the nipple –areola comlpex to match the opposite side.

Duration and Anesthesia: Both procedures are done in general anesthesia. The first one is about one hour long, but the second is much longer.

Post Surgical Recovery: Very short with the placement of prosthesis-expander, only gradual inflating is done over the weeks. Post surgical procedure is much longer when reconstruction with own tissue is performed because it is a great surgical procedure.

Rare Complications: Swelling, forming of serous that is drained, slight asymmetry, and rarely abdominal hernia due to tissue reconstruction.

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