Forehead and Brow Lifting

Forehead and brows usually show the first signs of aging and begin to lose its tone. The loss of tone increases heaviness of the eyebrows so those areas appear tired or have a sad expression and cause loss of eyelid elasticity.

Indications: A lift of brows upward on the sides, reshaping lines between eyebrows and long wrinkles across the forehead. Tightening and lifting excessive forehead skin.

Surgical Procedure: Incision is made at the hairline between ears, the forehead skin is completely separated up to the brows and its excess skin is removed with previous neutralization of muscles that cause forehead frowning. Forehead and brows lifting can be done in endoscopic technique with small 2cm. Incisions. It can be done as a single procedure or at the same time with facelifting. Only brow lift can be conducted with simple surgical technique by making three small incisions at the hairline and the procedure is only about one hour long.

Post Surgical Recovery: You can resume normal activities in 2-3 days, sutures are removed within 10-15 days.

Rare Complications: Light swelling and hematoma.

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