Eyelid Surgery

Your eyes are the most noticeable feature of your face, love can be seen, humor is shown and anger thunders from the eyes. They are reflection of your soul and health. But, they can give a picture of you and your age with sags under your eyes. Hanging eyelids make “sad and tired“ appearance and in extreme cases vision is interfered. Simple surgical procedure can make such a drastic improvement of your looks, brighten face and restore a youthful appearance, removing the excess fat along with skin.

Goal: Removal of the excessive skin and fat from upper and lower eyelids, and circles under the eyes. Blepharoplasty can be done as a single procedure, or together with facelifting. Oblique, exotic look given to the eyes.

Surgical Procedure: There are several surgery techniques and it is very important to combine them in a procedure. Excess skin and fat is removed elliptically from the upper and lower eyelid on the marked lines with scar within eyelid fold. Incision of the lower eye is made just bellow eyelashes. If there isn’t any excess skin fat deposits are removed through connective membrane of the inner surface of the eyelid (conjunctiva) without visible scar.

Duration and Anesthesia: Procedure is done in local anesthesia, lasting 30 min. for upper and 45 min. for lower eyelids.

Post Surgical Recovery: Cool compresses should be used for 24 hours.Sutures are removed after five days.

Rare Complications: Temporary problem with closure of eyelids and blurring.

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