Anatomic (biodimensional) implants

The modern breast augmentation is more and more natural thanks to variety of anatomical or round breast implants of last generation. During a breast augmentation procedure the implants will either be placed under the chest muscle /submuscular, dual plan/, subglandular/premuscular/ or under muscle fascia/subfascial/, but also depends on the current shape of the chest.

Some implants are round (round profile), while the others have a teardrop shape and they are closest to the natural breast appearance (biodimensional or anatomical or tear drop shape).

Rond implants increase fullness in whole breast, from top to bottom and transversely.

Anatomical implants resemble the shape of a teardrop and they are designed to support the natural breast profile /with greater fullness in the lower part of the breast/.

Besides the shape of implants, their size and projection also play an important role in achieving desired look.

he conversation with your surgeon, in terms of your desires and expectations, is essential to ensure the correct choice of implant shape and size. The desired implant size is based on your preferences, but it is also limited by the anatomical features of your chest like chest width, fullness and elasticity of the skin and the amount of fat and glandular breast tissue. Sometimes unrealistic desire for extensive implant may compromise the desired aesthetic result, and the risk of surgical complications may be increased.

For the best option you should consult your surgeon.

The newer types of implants are filled with silicone gel, that retains its shape /form stable gel/.

Silicon, which is used for filling the breast implants, with its shape and density is made to support the natural feeling of the breast.

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