About Dermaroller: Dermaroller is a roller-shaped medical instrument with fine needles placed on the outer surface of the cylinder, whose number, thicknesses and length vary, depending on the indication for its usage.

This sophisticated design of instrument allows minimal tissue invasion with a maximum stimulation of skin regeneration. The mechanisms of operation of this instrument is based on two principles. First, the fine-needle penetration of Dermaroller allows perforation, and thus softening the scar, while the other mechanism involves minimal microtrauma that stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastic fibers, which eventually results in improving the appearance of damaged skin in terms of its relief and reduction of surface roughness, both normal and damaged skin.

Objective: Dermaroller therapy can be applied to the facial skin acne scars, to stretch marks, and to hyperpigmentation of different origin. Indication may be the facial wrinkles and treatment of the sun damaged skin, as well. Dermaroller therapy will result in improving of your skin appearance up to 70%. To get the full effect, caused by natural biological process of skin tightening and smoothing require a simple Dermaroller application process to be repeated at least 3-4 times in the period of a month.

Duration and anesthesia: The procedure is performed after application of local anesthetic in the form of creams, followed by application of the Dermaroller on a modified skin. You must bear in mind that the skin is red up to 36 hours after treatment. The procedure lasts around half an hour.

In the postoperative course, are commonly used moisturizing creams with vitamin E.

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