Labiaplasty represents a procedure that reduces the size and appearance of the female external genitals, especially the labia, which are usually altered by the aging process or a vaginal birth.

Objective: Labiaplasty changes position or size of the labia, and thus reduces or corrects the asymmetry between them.

Surgical technique: There are several techniques by which the correction can be made. Depending on the patient's anatomy and the local findings, the most adequate is wedge resection of enlarged labia. This procedure preserves the most tiniest nerve supply and makes the scar minimal.

Duration and anesthesia: Labiaplasty is performed mostly under local anesthesia or in patients who are more sensitive, iv analgosedation can be performed, as well.

Recovery: Recovery is quite individual and it varies from person to person. The patients are able to return to the daily routine after 2 or 3 days. Engaging in sport activities is not advised 4 weeks after surgery. Sexual abstinence is necessary up to a month after surgical correction.

Rare complications: As after any type of the surgery, after the labiaplasty as well, rarely may occur infections and bleeding. Reduced sensitivity may occur as a transient disorder.

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