Removing Skin Tumors, Tattoos and Scars

Permanent removal of all types of skin lesions (benign and malignant tumors, moles, keratoses, polyps, papillomas, vascular lesions, foreign bodies, etc.) in purpose diagnostics and/or treatment along with the patohistological evaluation.

Surgical Techniques: Depending on the location, size, and type of skin changes, different methods of treatment can be applied. Radiofrequent knife is usually used, which, compared to conventional surgical procedures, has many advantages. It makes minimal damage of the surrounding tissue and allows adequately, accurate and almost bloodless removal of skin lesions, which guarantees not just quality, but also an excellent cosmetic result.

Anesthesia: The surgery, in principle, could be carried out in terms of certain types of local anesthesia, except in case of malignant lesions in advanced stages.

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Marko Tulije Ciceron