Secondary Rhinoplasty

Secondary rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty is performed in order to correct unsatisfactory results of previous nose surgery after nose injury. Rhinoplasty in the hands of an experienced surgeon, using appropriate methods generally gives excellent results however, in a minority of cases, the appearance of the nose after primary rhinoplasty can be improved with additional surgery. Reasons for secondary rhinoplasty is either the inadequate aesthetic result or breathing difficulties.

Objective: Establishment of desired aesthetic proportions of the nose, which did not achieved by previous surgery.

Surgical technique: Basically, almost in all of the cases the modern open techniques of nasal reconstructionare performed. We should bear in mind that during the secondary nasal reconstruction surgery, all of the appropriate natural material needed for reconstruction is already used mostly duringthe first surgery. Sometimes it is necessary to harvest ear or rib cartilage, in order to perform adequate surgery. All this facts make secondary rhinoplasty more complex. That is a reason why it requires an experienced surgeon, who has previous experience in the field of secondary rhinoplasty.

Duration and Anesthesia: Depending on the complexity of the reconstruction,the surgery can last from 2 to 4 hours and is performed under general or local anesthesia with iv analgosedation.

Recovery: As with theprimaryrhinoplasty, in the nose of the patient the tampons are placed,which usually should be removed on the fourth postoperative day, and immobilization mask, which needs to be removed on the seventh day. It is certainly advised avoidance of strenuous physical activity,in order to avoid unnecessary swelling and bruising. Swelling and bruising on the face.

The best compliment you can get is, when someone says that your nose is not marked. The ultimate goal of rhinoplasty is, in essence, to get functional nose and to obtain the nose that looks natural and harmonious with your face.

Lepa je svaka žena, osim one koja misli da to nije, i one koja misli da to jeste.

Jovan Dučić